Snippits of Acoustic Eclectica

Beneath the Shade Tree

Don't Leave it There

Mellow Blue

On Another Shore


Natural Gas

Cosmic Dust

Gimme Another

Cock Fight

Going to the Hoedown

Jonathan Bell's Jig


Clapper Too

Running Round in Circles

Blue-Eyed Charlie finally accepted his diagnosis as an eclectic.  Acoustic Eclectica, released in 2012, is an unapologetic exercise in eclectica.   The irony is that it is probably his least eclectic album to date.  

With the exception of two pieces, he exclusively employed his Tony Rice Santa Cruz D guitar.  One exception is that he utilized his battleship Guild 12 string for Clapper Too.  This is simply a 12 string version of Clapper, an audience favorite on the Simply Put album.  He brought out the Martin D-35 for Jonathan Bell's Jig, which was named to honor his grandfather, an accomplished fiddler and caller of square dances who brought joy to people packed in barns of northern Mississippi on many Saturday nights. It seems quite appropriate that Going to the Hoedown leads into Jonathan Bell's Jig.  Light keyboard accompanies many of the pieces, but is never allowed to encroach on the guitar.  

About Acoustic Eclectica

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