Snippits of Bridges

Me and Brother Theophilus

Wishing Well     

Wedded Blister

Another Sunny Day in La La Land

2020 Covid Blues

Coming Around Again

The Poet

Daddy's Farm

When You Look into my Eyes

This project began with the working title "Bridges - Built and Burned."  But, somewhere along the way, Blue-Eyed Charlie decided the extreme range of emotions and subject matter was even too eclectic for his eclectic self.    

Consequently, the album title changed as several songs with rather provocative religious and political subject matters were sequestered and will be included on another album to be released sometime in 2023.  This includes:  Blind Patriot, Jesus - Go Find Another Shore, and, Thoughts and Prayers.  These songs simply didn't "fit" with the rest of the album.

"Bridges" is about the imperfection of human beings and the blunders made along the way when our personalities are not in sync with our souls.  But, Bridges is also about connections we make that open new doors that lead to immeasurable, intangible treasures once we strive to find purpose, to find love, to be loved and to be valued.   The truth of the matter is....humans are always actively building and burning bridges along the journey.

Some of the lyrics are pure fiction.  Some were provoked by events in the nation or on the planet.  I shared  Me and Brother Theophilus with a certain audience and asked them what they thought the song was about.  Responses ranged from "a bank robbery" to "drug smuggling" to a story about Theophilus as mentioned in the Christian bible.  

Cutter's Down is about a war veteran who never could adjust to civilian life again after what he had been through.  

2020 Covid Blues probably needs no explanation so I'll leave it at that.

Another Sunny Day in La La Land was inspired by someone on Facebook who stated the answer to an arithmatic problem is a matter of opinion.

You've heard the term "wedded bliss?"  Wedded Blister is a song about a long-term marriage that never really was.

Coming Around Again is about souls reconnecting.  Our souls are privy to knowledge our personalities know nothing about.

Wishing Well is a story about the search and success of finding purpose and love to fill a hole in one's heart.    There is some kind of connection between that song and When You Look into My Eyes.     

The Poet is a tribute to the countless number of people in the world who express profound thoughts but are rarely heard.  I wrote this song shortly after hearing a friend recite her poem at a poetry reading in a coffee house.  

Daddy's Farm recalls the storehouse of memories one builds during the passing of time that occupies the journey of a lifetime.

Cutter's Down

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