Snippits of Eclectic Again - From Mellow to Not

October Rain


Most of Eclectic Again - From Mellow to Not was recorded in early 2019 (©2020).   Charlie wasn't quite satisfied with the production and went back to work on the album at the end of the year.  By that time, he had written a few new pieces, including Automaton, Never Going Home and Foot Stomper.  What began as an album with 11 pieces ended up with 14.

Like Eclectica, this recent work employs Blue-Eyed Charlie's Santa Cruz guitar, which remains his favorite squeeze.  As with Eclectica, he added a bit of unintrusive keyboard to various pieces on this album, but the keyboard never has the chance to steal the show.


From Mellow to Not


Bourbon Smoothie

Shadow Me

Embudito Silence

Going Back



Nowhere to Go

Funky Dog

Road to Slap Happy

Foot Stomper

Never Going Home

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