Snippits of Acoustic Spectrum

Pleasant Transition



Misty Morn

Moonshine March

Endless Do Loop

Runaway Washing Machine

Funky Doodle Do

Obtuse Moi?

Acoustic Spectrum got its start about the same time Covid hit the planet.  Like most of my albums, there is quite a range in the mood of the pieces.  I got tired of the word Eclectica, which is a word I made up anyway.  Consequently, use of the word Spectrum seemed prudent.

Pleasant Transition is the most mellow of the bunch.  Misty Morn and Chime are also very much on the mellow side.  Chime came upon me very quickly one afternoon and was recorded in a matter of minutes.  Funky Doodle Do was also somewhat spontaneous but Moonshine March and Endless Do Loop began with a couple of riffs that eventually got threaded together.  

About Acoustic Spectrum

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