Lost in the Minutia - Selections

Momentary Loss of Control


Cycling With Angels

Just Off the Boat

The Deep Blue Water


Lost in the Minutia

Twilight Sojourn

About Lost in the Minutia

Lost in the Minutia, Blue-Eyed Charlie's second album, was released in 2002.  The original album contained 14 selections.  Some of the selections were considered a bit, shall we say, dark?    Some years later,  Blue-Eyed Charlie's soul recalled four of the pieces, and you won't find them here.   The ten remaining pieces are only available at PlayitForward.  They can be downloaded for a small donation to a very worthwhile non-profit organization.  Check out the clips on this page.  If you like what you hear, go to my project page at PlayitForward and grab the album.  You only get a sample of "Just Off the Boat" there but downloading will give you the album.

Lost in the Minutia utilizes some of the heavier alternate tunings that Blue-Eyed Charlie didn't employ on Simply Put.  These heavier tunings are very resonant and can be soothing to the soul.  They can be found on Just off the Boat and Lost in the Minutia.

Blue-Eyed Charlie's Santa Cruz guitar was the main work horse on Lost in the Minutia.   Even though the Tony Rice D may have jazz written all over it, Charlie makes it prove its diversity as he squeezes out a wide range of sweet notes to accompany the solid base of a Santa Cruz model D guitar.

Rain Dance

Miss EG

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