Lyrics to Wedded Blister

The old man sits saying nothing, thinking only of and to himself

The old lady sits in the corner, thoughts way up on the shelf

She sits knitting quietly, not knowing what or for whom

When the quiet of the moment is broken, by the old man's plume

She glares in his direction, she's heard it all before

53 years of him barking out orders, somehow she expected more

53 years she put up with him, acting the little child

Waiting patiently for the time his thoughts would finally grow mild

Like the straw that broke the camel's back, suddenly it seemed to clear.

She really hated that old man, hatred built over 53 years

Those icy fingers around her, he always got the last pork chop too

TV turned to what he wanted.  He never asked...he just knew

As she walks to the kitchen, he turns his old ugly head

A head turned gray over 53 years, a head long bored to tears

"Gimme some coffee," he grunts toward his wife

The woman he hasn't known for....53 years

One more time she makes coffee, and serves it with a smile

Sits in her rocker as he drinks it, and begins to look vile

The old man's eyes grow wide as he gasps and slumps to the floor

She gets out the phone book and calls the mortician

And she strolls out the door