Links to Me and Brother Theophilus

Me and Brother Theophilus went out on a trip

First thing he said, "Hey Bro, how bout a sip?"

I don't remember much after then...and the police say my story's thin.

He was driving, I was in back...rummaging through that big green stack

The car was hot in the mid-day sun.  Just two aging warriors looking for a little fun

The sun was high, and the moon was low.  And the earth was turning, far too slow

It's all a blur and my story has slack.  But Brother Theophilus, he never came back

The eyes grew wide and the air turned tense... as my story unfolded, in the art of defense

The police want to know if it's all an act, and why Brother Theophilus, never

came back

Looking out to the streets through those little gray mind was soaring, halfway to Mars

Wondering what happened to that big green stack...and why Brother Theophilus

never came back

My mind is tired now, and my body's I watch my life, slowly unfold

I'll continue to wait here on my rack, but Brother Theophilus, he never came

Never came back, he, never came back.  Never came back, he, never came back