Welcome to Blue-Eyed Charlie's Home

Okay, here you are.  Somehow, through Murphy's Law, Karma, a Google goof, divine or undivine guidance, or just shear, dumb luck, you have reached the web page of Blue-Eyed Charlie.   Charlie is a musician and writer of music, songs and stories.   This website is all about the music of Blue-Eyed Charlie.

Blue-Eyed Charlie plays acoustic guitar but occasionally engages Native American flute or keyboard.  His style ranges from very mellow to semi-violent (but for non-violent people).  He has released six albums:  Simply Put (1999), Lost in the Minutia (2002), Acoustic Eclectia (2012), Eclectic Again -From Mellow to Not (2020), Acoustic Spectrum (2022), and Bridges (2023).   You can purchase selections through iTunes or your favorite vendor...or stream them through your favorite streaming platform.

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